Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Investing on People,Investing on Life

"Practice makes it perfect" so is the saying. Every art, every act in life needs that maintenance time. Needs that proper input to get the desired output. So are the people around us.

Everything goes by Newton's third law :-) true that is. You sow so u reap...

We need to give proper time to everything which we desire to shape so are human relationships.

We listen to people who we trust. We obey people who we believe. It is all about the feelings between two minds. We all know human relationships are the most complex ones. Hence if we really need happy helping people around us- we first need to sow- sow the seeds of love and trust. This is not easy. It takes lots of self-discipline. Lots of motivation and real interest.

We are prone to imperfections, we are prone to moods. It is impossible to be nice all the time.

If we had built our relationships strong enough , then we can be whatever we are and be loved by our people. How do we do that- just three easy steps

Walk your talk:
People hate hypocrites. Our views should be in line with our acts. This builds your reputation. I always honestly believe every human being has his or her own unique talent- irrespective of it- even if you are the most untalented person, people will still respect you if you live in line with your words. Simple example - Never criticize your kid for not switching off the light when you yourself leave it on sometimes when you leave [even sometimes]. Never boost about yourself anytime. It kills your reputation very badly even if you miss just once to live up to it. People will go by your words when evaluating you.

Keep your promises:

Life is tough and many times in our struggles we tend to become selfish. Many a times. We tend to lie, we to cheat and get away with what we want. This never gives us a lasting victory. What makes people to happily obey you is how much do they trust you. It is always based on how many happy moments you created in their life's, its based on how many times you kept your promises!

Never talk behind anybody's back:

This is one major problem with people. When we cannot get our way, or when we cannot speak our heart out directly we tend to back bite. Its a difficult thing to stop doing that, yet it always good to try and minimize us much as we can. To do that we either have to have the courage to tell the person straight how they are hurting you and try to resolve it. Or find another means of activity to vent out our hard feelings. When we talk bad about someone to say your friend X. There is no doubt that this X will think whether you will talk about him to somebody else like that. Even tough not obvious this thought will be in your friend's mind somewhere deep inside.

Never judge people/Nor label them:

Everybody thinks highly of our own selves- It is human nature, but then the truth can be something else. Yet we tend to evaluate others based on our own biased mind set. We will obviously never see them in proper perspective. There are many shades to every person. Even if you judge never treat anybody meanly.

Listen. Truly and with Love:

When we talk we always half listen- rest of our mind is set on thinking what to say when our turn comes. This stops us from understanding properly what the other person is saying. Also when we listen, our views filter what we listen. We listen and understand based on our own thoughts and views. This limits our perspective. When we listen- if we just simply listen- it helps improve our relationships greatly.

Be a happy positive person:
let there be positive vibes about you. People love to be with and follow happy people- who can keep themselves ground and cool and will also be able to provide a good atmosphere around them. Never expect your children to obey you unless you have provided them with a happy trustful environment to obey.
Be Patient:

Finally,There are people whose trust we had broken, whom we had done wrong- the people who kept you close to heart- like a good friend, a distraught spouse/parent/child- whatever we try we cannot build our friendship again unless we try with patience.

People, are the major resource of our life. The output will be absolutely fantastic life if we can invest in people with our time and love, sincerely and with constant patient practise.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

me- myself and others..

I saw this poem on a friend's page, simple yet very intresting intro...set me thinking...

they say i am "proudie"...i say i am confident
they say i am arrogant....i say i am deterministic
they say i am learned fool...i say i trust ppl and wud like to give opportunities
they say i am antisocial....I say silence is so beautiful
they say i am selfish...i say i have uncompromised goals to acheive..
they say relationship are for enjoyment..I say its for enriching ur virtues...
They say i dont listen to them...I say its my life
Watever they say...I am wat i am...Understood anything....Hahahaha....

we humans are complex...yet deep down under everybody there is a brilliant individual waiting to be discovered...

People have many shades.. It depends on what type of lens we are wearing when looking at them. It is like blind men and the elephant. Our judgement is limited by our own knowledge and our maturity levels. All of us have many layers..Never judge people and limit ur world.
People are a very intresting subject. The best resource and the worst nightmare. I love people...