Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to stop being miserable

There is no stopping our misery as swine flu,ressesion etc run rampant multiplying our everyday's stress,
below are few simple ways to stop our misery and improve our happiness.

1.Stop making issues big.Dont add your imagination to it.Big problems overwhelm and prevent you from solving them.

2.Dont think of it always.It will spoil your mood and prevent u from solving it.Stop being afraid of it.

3.Stop the blame game.Dont blame other people for it.neither should you blame yourself.It only serves to increase your pain.

4.Avoid complaining about it to everybody around you.

5.Dont avoid it and let your problems grow big.A stich in time saves nine.

6.Look at it from another perspective. This may provide you with fresh ideas to solve your problem.

7.Look for help.Look for a solution.There will be people who would have faced the same issues as you.Or there might be professionals specialized at tackling your issue.Never hesitate to look for help.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Life is worth everything- Short poem

Small things matter a lot in life
words and smiles and thoughts we have
if it makes a gloom go bright
its worth living,everyday.

As u rush through hails and stroms
rarely pausing by to stop
yet u made a face to smile
its worth living,thats the way.

If you smell the roses still
enjoy rain and shine as well
in the crazy crowded world
its worth living,it always is.

There are times when problems soar
fix it with the strength of hope
life is precious to be lost
its worth living,to the last.

Sometimes its dirty,bad and worse
embrassed and shamed we regret
cant give up yet,theres cleaning to do
it worth living,just trust and get.

If you touched a life or soul
made them reach their distant goal
with a simple helping hand
its worth living,this is it all.

God does not desend to solve it all
but through people he does his art
Stand on ur feet and rise to help
Lets see god through ourselves.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Determination builds Dreams to Reality

Maybe the Americans know this story already- but for the rest of us, a post on the determination that built the Brooklyn Bridge. I just could not ignore the strong inspirational shot this story gave me.Here it is-

In 1883, a creative engineer named John Roebling was inspired by an idea to build a spectacular bridge connecting New York with the Long Island. However bridge building experts throughout the world thought that this was an impossible feat and told Roebling to forget the idea. It just could not be done. It was not practical. It had never been done before.
But Roebling could not ignore the vision he had in his mind of this bridge. He thought about it all the time and he knew deep in his heart that it could be done. He just had to share the dream with someone else. After much discussion and persuasion he managed to convince his son Washington, an up and coming engineer, that the bridge in fact could be built.

Working together for the first time, the father and son developed concepts of how it could be accomplished and how the obstacles could be overcome. With great excitement and inspiration, and the headiness of a wild challenge before them, they hired their crew and began to build their dream bridge.
The project started well, but when it was only a few months underway a tragic accident on the site took the life of John Roebling. Washington was injured and left with a certain amount of brain damage, which resulted in him not being able to walk or talk or even move.
"We told them so.""Crazy men and their crazy dreams.""It`s foolish to chase wild visions."
Everyone had a negative comment to make and felt that the project should be scrapped since the Roeblings were the only ones who knew how the bridge could be built. In spite of his handicap Washington was never discouraged and still had a burning desire to complete the bridge and his mind was still as sharp as ever. He just did not want to give up. All he could do was move one finger and he decided to make the best use of it. By moving this, he slowly developed a code of communication with his wife.
He touched his wife's arm with that finger, indicating to her that he wanted her to call the engineers again. Then he used the same method of tapping her arm to tell the engineers what to do. It seemed foolish but the project was under way again.
For 13 years Washington tapped out his instructions with his finger on his wife's arm, until the bridge was finally completed. Today the spectacular Brooklyn Bridge stands in all its glory as a tribute to the triumph of one man's indomitable spirit and his determination not to be defeated by circumstances. It is also a tribute to the engineers and their team work, and to their faith in a man who was considered mad by half the world. It stands too as a tangible monument to the love and devotion of his wife who for 13 long years patiently decoded the messages of her husband and told the engineers what to do.
Perhaps this is one of the best examples of a never-say-die attitude that overcomes a terrible physical handicap and achieves an impossible goal.
Often when we face obstacles in our day-to-day life, our hurdles seem very small in comparison to what many others have to face. The Brooklyn Bridge shows us that dreams that seem impossible can be realised with determination and persistence, no matter what the odds are.
Even the most distant dream can be realized with determination and persistence.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Living life today for a regret free tomorrow

The other day i was watching the movie 17 again. It was fun but got me thinking.There are many times in life where we want to go back in time and correct our mistakes. I can say with absolute confidence everybody has this secret desire.If only we could go back and start saving early, go back and choose a different career,life partner etc.. etc..Its true everybody wishes for it.But oh no! that is impossible.Although we love this fantasy with all our hearts that magic is just not possible. But what is possible is try to make the most of this day.THE PRESENT HOUR,MINUTE.
I know very well i cannot come back to this minute again and re-do anything- Hence i constantly keep thinking "what i can do to make this minute great? what i should do now so that i do not want to RE-DO it anytime?". This is very important.These questions show us so many possibilities- Although we cannot do everything so very perfect as we may lack the extra information that future brings, we still can try to give it our best.So that its worth our invaluable time.
Most of the time we look back at our past and grieve about things not done well or missed opportunities and look at the future with worries.Doing this we end up losing our most valuable possesion- our present.This day,this minute- i just want to make it beautiful.I just want it worth remembering later.I have no idea what future brings my way,nor do i want to think and regret about all my roads not taken.I have learnt through hard experience that i should live in today and thats what makes me feel happy and satisfied.I try to give my best today and just leave it at that. I have this quote by Ralph.W.Emerson hung up at my desk
Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense.