Friday, October 23, 2015

To My Son

1) Read all you can, get all your degrees before 30.Have a plan of how you want to live. If you cant reach it by end of 20s your chance of reaching it at 30 or 40 are relatively difficult.Your life will be more complicated as you grow old and have family.Your time and money will not be yours anymore.But when you try to study before 30 you will get all support you can. Parents will help you with money, friends will have time to mentor you. You will not feel guilty when you pursue your dreams with total devotion as there are no other commitments to your time or money.

2) Whatever field you choose- Work to be the top player. And go there fast. Before you start building your family. Because only from top you will get a clearer direction. You can steer the world in the direction you like instead of you running behind the set directions.

3) Everything comes with practice, never give up. There is nothing called talent.Talent is just hours and hours of practice.

4) Love yourself. Respect yourself.If you don't love yourself then nobody else will. Your self-respect is your everything.There is never any success in life when self-respect is compromised. Do not let people misuse use you.Don't compromise your self-respect for friendships or love. People who really care for you will not disrespect or make you feel inferior.Walk away from such negative people.

5) Beware of the teenage- everybody makes their worst mistakes during these years that have profound impact all through their lives.As body transitions from childhood to adulthood hormones wreck havoc.Our feelings will be at peak- anger,happiness,love,excitement..all at its peak.Control it.It's plain science.CONTROL YOUR FEELINGS.They are not real.

6) You will get used to any and all adversities, even enjoy it. That's how our brain works. So discipline your self to eat right,read right,invest right, choose the right friends even if you don't like it in the beginning. You will be  rewarded immensely in the long run.

7) Start saving early and invest, Compound interest is the best friend.ALWAYS spend from your passive income.

8) Travel the world, you will learn its abundance. There is so much to learn,explore and enjoy.

9) Choose your life partner very carefully. This one decision will determine 95% of your happiness. Mine as well :-)

10) Never take life seriously, everything will pass so sit tight and enjoy the ride..

what does 'my life' mean

"My Life" - this pharase keeps me thinking long and deep. What it means to me... i still am trying hard to figure out. Just like the blind men feel the elephant and everyone give their own version of elephant, my answers vary vastly depending on what i feel at that moment.

I see myself as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter as a friend, collegue... my life is ofcourse the sum total of all these roles. When i try to contribute more to that role it takes up some of my life, some of my time. As i try hard to live 100 percent to the role i am playing at that moment i feel like i am losing out on "my life". My life then becomes a stage where i put on as all the characters and try hard to give 100 percent to every role....... thats tiring.

Then what is my life? How am i to live 100 percent to my heart's satisfaction?

My question gave me my answer- "My heart's satisfaction".

Every one of us come with a limiting life span, every day has a time limit. But to play all those roles to 100 percent within the given time is stressful unless i know where to start and where to end a role and start another smoothly.

First thing first i need to know what is really important to me. What defines me- what is closer to my heart- It does not matter how much time i play a particular role- but what really matters is how effectively i am playing that role. What difference am i making to other people's life by playing that role to my heart's satisfaction. This is what matters the most to me and to the people in my life.

what is my motive with that role? what is the effect of that role in the other person's life? Is my self happy with me?

True, i need to impress myself first.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Saw a cool poster, Its true.. motherhood and sleep seldem go together :-)