Tuesday, April 1, 2014

well, experimenting a little bit with life.

had always lived "full of life" - loud and bold... for a change tonning down. May be its the age ;-)

Cleared off lots of stuff, people,prejudices,words and memories - required and not required.
Keeping absolutely minimal/basic.

It feels very different. But i am seeing a serenity of no measures.
I thought i will regret... but no,

Ofcourse i miss a lot of people and comforts
but i now see myself better, i found a new person called myself
who was always waiting for my time but never received attention

To be surrounded by stuff and friends and tasks and feeling all important is good
but zenning it all also feels good

My people will always find a way to me and so is my destiny..
Emptied my cup & in no hurry to ever fill it up

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