Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hope- Short poem

Days of fun and
Days of woe,
all that makes our everyday.
times of test and
times of strength
all that makes our life as such.

when times are such
and going gets tough
hard u push and still r stuck
and the path is oh so rough
nothing helps but ur hope.

Days of gloom just do not last
pain will soon be lost in past.
keep that glowing hope upright
all thats bent will soon be straight.

Living up through stromy days
needs a heart with stronger pace
when pain and sorrow doom ur way
rays of hope will shine ur face
Sit there tight and let it pass
See even desert grows the grass
There's a time for everything
snowy nights and bright sunshine!

when health and wealth and
everything is lost
still u can make ur life to blast
Stick to ur hope and fight it back
until u lose hope,nothing is lost!
Hope and pray for goodtimes soon
and u search for ways to hone.
Hope is the dream of a waking man
Stick to your hope,am sure you can!


*KHUSHI* said...

very nice poem...inspiration for all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Khushi.Glad u liked it.