Monday, May 18, 2009

How to improve our self image with positive affirmations

We are,what we think we are.We are the creators of our own self.If that is the case, why do many of us often use terms like "Fool","Idiot" "Stupid" etc to ourselves.When we say such things are we aware that our subconcious mind is recording it? "Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought. " says Napoleon Hill.So by saying such things often we slowly start to believe them as FACT.

It is the same case if somebody else is drummimg these words into your mind ever so often.Keep away from them because we dont want those words to become our reality.Eventough in reality we know these words are lies, repeating this lie often is enough for us to start to believe it. This is particularly true when a lot of emotion is put into it as is generally the case when we say negative things to ourselves.

The negative self-talk is usually accompanied by feelings of anger, frustration, humiliation, resentment, etc. and often leads to depression. These emotions allow the self-talk to penetrate the sub-conscious mind.
Repeating these sentiments over and over again tricks our mind to believe all those lies and making them into reality.Our mind is the fertile land which can grow whatever we sow into our reality.If we sow good seeds of fruit bearing trees we are rewarded by fruits.But if we allow weeds to grow they grow thorny trees.By this negative self-talk we are planting seeds of weeds all over our fertile land.And finally when harvest time arrives we again see we have nothing but thorns and repeat the vicious negative cycle.

Problem with us is, over the time we get comfortable with our thorns.We conveince ourselves that we are only capable of such a reward.We get comfortable with our poverty,stupidness etc.We never stop to think.We do not realize the worth of our mind.This is the pity.When we have the abundance hidden in us we compromise with our measly lives.We live and die thinking others got lucky in life.They were blessed with smartness while we were not.NO..It is not true.We should not do such a big harm to ourselves.

How can we choose nothingness when we are blessed with abundance? We cannot be our own enemy.So what is to be done? CHANGE OF THOUGHTS. But we dread change.Eventough we want a properous life we do not try to put in the effort required to shift to positive thoughts.Well, it is up to us to decide.If we want our lives to be happy and prosperous we need to make that effort.WE NEED TO STOP NEGATIVE TALKS ABOUT US and USE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS ON A DAILY BASIS.

Using positive affirmations regularly will commence the gradual process of the re-conditioning your sub-conscious mind.Weeding our garden will not be easy.We need lots of patience and persistance to do that.To gaurd against negative thoughts regularly needs a lots of focus and attention and a strong resolve to be positive.Once achieved it will shower us with so much abundance we could have never even dreamt about.
Saying positive affirmations such as: “I am rich…I have a healthy body…I am very successful” may seem crazy to someone who doesn’t understand mind dynamics. But even if your present circumstances do not support your positive affirmations, repeating positive affirmations forms an important role in conditioning your sub-conscious to produce the results you desire in your life.

Its not going to be easy- Saying "Iam Rich" when there is next to nothing in our bank account may not seem rational.But we should FAKE TILL ME MAKE it in our minds.Our mind has to believe our positive lies.
Claude Bristol, author of “The Magic of Believing” said,
“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”
Napoleon Hill in his ever famous classic "Think and Grow Rich" stresses this fact and dedicates one full chapter [4] for conditioning our brain to achieve what we want to be.He stresses that when we say those positive affirmations we should put all your earnest emotions to those words. Mere words of affirmations will not work. Just as anger and frustration go with negative affirmations to make it true, we need to add faith and a burning desire when we use positive affirmations when we try to change.Words mixed with emotions sure reach our subconcious mind real quickly and they start painting a fresh smart picture of us.Our fruit trees will grow soon and we will taste abundance soon.As long as we believe in it..


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Thanks Khushi..collected the award as well.

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Very thoughtfull post . It should be very much helpfull

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Hi there :)
I just came across your articles and I would like to say that you have sent a feeling of wellness through me. I feel warm and fuzzy knowing that there are in fact people out there in the world who are genuine, intelligent and kind. I was beginning to think there wasn't anyone left like this...
Thanks again for your breath of fresh air. You have uplifted my spirit :)
Have a great day! You have brightened mine!!

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