Saturday, June 6, 2009

Visualize and win

A picture is worth a 100 words goes the saying.People are more attracted to images than to anything else.If i add up some catchy images here with my articles i always get many responses.That easily demonstrates to me that people love visuals rather than mere words.Pictures remain in memory much better than vague words.And this powerful truth can be used to propel our lives to success.
To get what you want, you should know exactly what you want.If you can see it with your mind you can easily grab it into your reality real quickly.To explain i can say - when you see chocolate your cravings make you go buy it.After watching movies people tend to act like their favourite character there for sometime.The effect of visuals is such that it draws immediately all the good and bad memories linked.Makes us happy or sad immediately.

We can attribute all our fears to this visualization.Most of us could have easily experienced it in negative sense.Thoughts of poverty,seperation,loss etc bring glommy visuals to our minds instanteneously.Seeing a black cat, basement,attic etc can bring scary feelings to some.Seeing an images of a waterfall on the other hand can instantly leave few feeling fresh and happy.This happens unconsiously.What i want you to gain from this article is how to effectively use visualization for what we want.Make use of it in a positive sense.And ultimately use it to tell our subconsious mind what we want.
Here are few steps to visualize effectively.

1) Decide on a goal - clear goal.know exactly what you want.Be realistic.Cannot decide i want to be the president of this nation in a week.Nor can be week enough in deciding i want a brand new so an so gadget in a week when u know u have the means(or can find a means) to buy it right away.
-Goals should be challenging enough.
-It should be close to your heart.
-There should be a step by step path to it
Plan a step by step path to it so that it can be broken down to measurable milestones.
I recommend you divide your long term and short term goals.Plan your long term goals in few stages.Mark every stage as a short term goal.Write it down.It always helps me if i write down my goals.

2) Relax: Just like we switch off lights before we sleep, we need to switch off all the fears,anxiety,stress,tension etc from our mind before we visualize.We can close our eyes.Take deep breaths.Push all our worries away and calm our thoughts.Better be in a quiet environment.If soothing music relaxes you,then turn it on.If a gentle scent relaxes you,then light the candle or put an air freshner.Movie creates such a much better visual pleasure in a dark environment[cutting us away from reality].It is the same technique.Some gifted people can relax in any environment when they decide to.Then you dont have to create the effect to relax.Ultimately you should relax.

3) Picturize it: Now give life to your desire.Add a visual image to every one of your goals.If your goal is to visit egypt,then close your eyes and see yourself at the pyramids.Alternatively you can stick a picture of a tourist at the pyramids in a place where it will catch your eye often.Stick it at your desk or on the fridge or on a wish board near your bed.See it often.Stare at it with all the love you have to be there.Sit with the picture in a quiet corner looking at it for few minutes everyday until you get it.Feel like you are there already.

4) Wish it with all your heart:Nothing really reaches us unless we really want it.Pour your inner strength to it- want it with all your heart.Only when our subconsious mind knows what we want it will start attracting it.It is like selective reading,you'll start seeing whatever you had missed before.Your desire should be very strong only then we can really get it.So when we see the image, we should see it with a strong desire.See it and wish it with all our heart.

5) Be ready to receive it: Last but not the least we should be prepared to see our visions come true.We should believe in our dreams and never think we are not good enough for it.Unconsiously all of us underestimate our potential.Everybody secretly is afraid,so when oppourtunities to attain our visions present themselves we walk back instead of grabing it.If we feel we lack some skill needed to fulfill our dream goal then we should update it and wait for the chance.Ready to grab and work towards the goal.We deserve better things and we can make it happen.

Try visualizing one goal at a time.And slowly you will see its tremendous power in helping us achieve our dreams.You can put this to test immediately.Decide on a goal and follow steps 1-5 for 5 or 10 minutes everyday.I recommand put a date on the picture as to when u want it to be true.Do this early morning or just before going to bed.It works for me.Hope it works for you.Goodluck! and May all your dreams come true.


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