Sunday, September 6, 2009

why me?

Many a times in life i wonder why i alone seem to end up with such adversities. Why do i get stuck in such pathetic situations, why do i go through so much pain etc.I always think i am such a stupid- not smart enough to escape problems. Of late slowly i have started realizing its not me alone. True. Its not me alone.Everybody have a different set of problems to face everyday.Even the smartest most intelligent ones whom we think live cool lives- they too seem to fight, struggle everyday. Their smartness lies only in hiding their troubles- They just fight their demons privately while we do it publicly. There is never going to be a single soul who is in peace- far away from trials and tribulations. There is no point crying over our trobles. Nor should we be worried when we sense trouble. It just makes the problem look bigger.

I have realized very clearly that some how i need to face my problems, stand my ground, fight them away.if not today then tomorrow.Only then there is peace. There will never be a gaurdian angel going to battle on our behalf- even if we find one and win our battles its just a temproary win. Lets face it. We need to fight our own battles.Only then the success tastes great. Only then we know how to win again if the enemy strikes again.Only then our lives moves forward.Only then there is a meaning to our lives.

Our problems build our strength, show us our own greatness.Bring out to the world our infinite potential. They are our blessings in disguise.Just that we need to face them- See them in the eye and tell them to obey you. Once done they boost our confidence so high that we really feel great from inside out. So nowadays when i get into shit- i know i need to find my own way out. I need to stand on my own two feet and fight it out. I know its really tough. I need to make many sacrifices- but thats life. Nobody is this world has everything. There will always be give and take.

It will always be priorities based.Its just that we need courage. We need it to tell ourselves "its not over yet".We need it to look for a way out. We need it to face our demons. There are many talented people in this world who do not know about themselves. I have met many. God has blessed everybody with some greatness- I have seen it very well.Every human being can in his or her own unique way can solve all their problems themselves- the gap that lies there is CONFIDENCE. Just believe you have the capacity to solve it. Actually it is very true that you have the capacity to solve it.We just need to bring ourselves to believe it.Thats all.

May we grow in strength by fighting our battles everyday.There will always be problems, everybody has it everyday. Its never just me. I am not alone- battlefields exist everywhere everyday. Lets face it.Lets win them all.


VISHAL said...

It's True that All souls in the World Suffer Problems...

But I believe root cause is Fear of Failure.

Once a Person Decides that Wotever is the outcome, he will accept it with open arms...Half the Probs are solved..




Anonymous said...

As we grow older our problems become physical; we must learn to deal with pain as doctors are not always able to help us.

Still, I say to myself … what a wonderful world