Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to stop being miserable

There is no stopping our misery as swine flu,ressesion etc run rampant multiplying our everyday's stress,
below are few simple ways to stop our misery and improve our happiness.

1.Stop making issues big.Dont add your imagination to it.Big problems overwhelm and prevent you from solving them.

2.Dont think of it always.It will spoil your mood and prevent u from solving it.Stop being afraid of it.

3.Stop the blame game.Dont blame other people for it.neither should you blame yourself.It only serves to increase your pain.

4.Avoid complaining about it to everybody around you.

5.Dont avoid it and let your problems grow big.A stich in time saves nine.

6.Look at it from another perspective. This may provide you with fresh ideas to solve your problem.

7.Look for help.Look for a solution.There will be people who would have faced the same issues as you.Or there might be professionals specialized at tackling your issue.Never hesitate to look for help.


Anonymous said...

Every comment is so true. I am guilty of making more of things than they are sometime - overreacting so to speak. Although, I'm a happy person.

Your friend - Maxi

dietpundit said...

Thanks for th great tips very well written
keep it up.

poor-me/പാവം-ഞാന്‍ said...

Nice lines very very positive..

Anonymous said...

Thanks friends,very encouraging omments.

Anonymous said...

I will shoot whoever wrote this fucking article. NICE ADVICE ASS BAGS

Anonymous said...

Read it twice. still miserable and not givin a shit. so ill disagree.