Friday, July 17, 2009

Life is worth everything- Short poem

Small things matter a lot in life
words and smiles and thoughts we have
if it makes a gloom go bright
its worth living,everyday.

As u rush through hails and stroms
rarely pausing by to stop
yet u made a face to smile
its worth living,thats the way.

If you smell the roses still
enjoy rain and shine as well
in the crazy crowded world
its worth living,it always is.

There are times when problems soar
fix it with the strength of hope
life is precious to be lost
its worth living,to the last.

Sometimes its dirty,bad and worse
embrassed and shamed we regret
cant give up yet,theres cleaning to do
it worth living,just trust and get.

If you touched a life or soul
made them reach their distant goal
with a simple helping hand
its worth living,this is it all.

God does not desend to solve it all
but through people he does his art
Stand on ur feet and rise to help
Lets see god through ourselves.


foo said...

Yes, i agree with you as life is worth everything, and small thing that in this world will always make you feel warm and joy cause we are just a small creature in the world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Foo,Life is all about these small things.But we seldom realize.