Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to make your life happy?

1.Have Targets and Goals.
2.Smile always.

3.Share the Happiness with Others.
4.Willing to Help Others.
5.Keep a Childlike Heart.
6.Get on Well with Different Kinds of People.
7.Keep Calm when Surprise comes.
8.Keep the sense of Humor.
9.Forgive Others.
10.Have some really good friends.
11.Always work in a team.
12.Enjoy the family gathering time.
13.BE confident and proud of yourself.
14.Respect the weak.
15.Indulge yourself sometimes.
16.Work from time to time.
17.Be brave and courageous.
18.Finally,don't be a money grubber.

Hope you Have a Very HAPPY and PEACEFUL Life.

This article is by my fellow blogger and good friend Vishal
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IBNE HANIF said...

I have read all of these 18 inspirational quotes.
Really impressive !

Thanks a lot for sharing all these quotes.

Farrukh Iftikhar Siddiqui said...

Nice use of Pictures & Amazing Saying. Wow Rally like your effort

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hanif,Thanks Farrukh for the kind comments.

Anonymous said...

i just love this post awsome ...

Anonymous said...

Really amazing pictures,thankss