Monday, April 6, 2009

Lost Time - short poem

Lost Time
Never did i realize
when i had
time,precious time,
lost once for all.
lots to do and lots to say
but i lost you everyday!

drifting through my life i saw
never i complete all i start.
If i planned my time to act
never i broke a single pact!

Wasting time is worst you see
time is the basic resource to me,
see ur dreams grow today
when the sun shines,make the hay!

when will you run out,
you never know.
time,precious time,
you may not have!!

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Bhing said...

Nice poem.. are you the one who wrote it?

Najma said...

yes.I publish only my own words here.Thanks!

G.Kannan said...

Simple but full of real truth. That time is precious is realized mostly aftet it runs out. This poem is an eyeopener for all. Whoever is keen on TIME will sure benefit by this poem.

Thanks for visiting my post on an ancient university in India.

Sindhu said...

Hi Najma:

Those are real simple but strong truth.

by the way thank you for stopping by


My Self Abhijeet said...
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highthrottle said...

Hey good poem..Liked you blog a lot, Keep Blogging!



Jamie said...

I never seem to have enough time in a day, but I do try to enjoy the time I do have.

Happy belated Birthday!

Khoo Chin Wai said...

Nice poem. It is simple but meaningful for me. We should no wasting our time.

by the way thanks for visit and leave a comment on my blog.

IBNE HANIF said...

Salam & Congratultions Najma for having writen such a poem.