Monday, April 27, 2009

Plan for life

There was a great business consultant.His main job was to convert sick companies into rich ones by devising strategies.A CEO of a very successful company read about him and to mock at him called him to his office.Challenged him,saying we are already number one lets see what advise can you give us.The consultant took the challenge.Sat there obsorbing the company's activies for a day.At the end of the day came to the CEO gave him a small piece of paper and left.In a month's time the CEO was all praise of the consultant as the company's profits just doubled.Eager to know what the consultant wrote on the small piece of paper??? "Plan for tommorrow's tasks at the end of each day".This is a much published true story.

We never proceed to build a house without a plan.Banks do not offer loans to entrepreneurs until they present a winning business plan.All manufacturing process,design process,software development process need plans before they are started.Why are plans important to all these processes?
There are many reasons.Few of them are
1) To limit failure
2) To stop drifting or losing focus
3) To get the desired results etc. It has been proven millions of times that processes that are planned and executed have better chances of success then the ones without plans.Now it is just rational to ask, how about the most important process called life? How many of us have any plans at all? Not many.He who fails to plan, plans to fail.Importance of planning our lives cannot be less emphasized.

All of us want to be successful in life.If it is true that success rates increase with a proper plan then why not we plan our lives? I am an excellent example for not planning anything.End result, It takes much time and effort to achieve the same things that others easily do with proper planning. I wasted a lot of time not deciding,postponing.Many are like me.We just drift along. The shortest and the fastest reachable route between two points is a straight line- Only if we know towards which point we are travelling.So when we travel we just take lots of long turns and arrive last.The early bird gets the worms.If we drift along we seldom reach anywhere first.Then we complain about bad luck and misfortune.But if we closely observe the lives of the achievers we can attribute their good furtune to their planning.They planned and prepared themselves for that opportunity and waited for it to happen.And when it eventually happened they made the most of it.It pays to plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.

Ask anybody if they would love to go back in time.Everybody would love to. Many of us have something in our past that we could have done better.Such things happen to us because we keep drifting through life.We dont really think of what we want and how to plan for it.If only we had a plan with our dreams we could have done much better.we could have made better choices and our success would have been much better and less difficult.Most of us just go on from day to day doing whatever we had been doing the previous day.Seldom to stop to think what is our objective and how are we progressing towards it.We do not give importance to planning life as much as we give importance to so many other things.That is why whenever i look back in life i end up regretting for all the time wasted.For not aimming properly.For not planning my life.It is only this year that i decided i'll write down my plans.

Writting down our plans in the best way to show our commitment towards our dreams.I recommand we write down our plans and add time lines to them.All of us have big dreams.We all deserve to live our dreams.So why not we plan for the most important process called life.

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Patrick Schriel said...

Good post! Good planning is half the work and usually the most important part.

Anonymous said...

True Patrick. but the sad part is we seldom plan our lives.