Thursday, April 2, 2009

Living my life 100 percent this year!

It was my b'day yesterday..
Like everybody else i cant write resolutions on my b'day.Nobody believes.Its all fool's day after all.Thats why choose to write today.
I want to publicly commit all my aspirations for this year,so that i'll try to follow.Atleast for the sake of answering the readers.I wanted to do lots of things,but lazed around always.Aimlessly running through life.Living with the dream that someday i'll do that.But i never did.This year iam planning to put a time stamp to all my dreams and wishes. I love to have them all come true.
1. I always wanted a cozy-comfy home.Having not decided where to settle,what to do- i keep living in rental places and dont concentrate much on how much they reflect me. If its my own place i'll definetely modify to my tastes and make it my recharge station. So this year, iam buying a house and making it my own.This i plan to do in 6 months time.So by September 2009 i should have my oasis ready. Keep me in check.
2. I dont know to swim. But i love the pool.I frequently go there, sit and dream that someday i'll swim.I even started a class but never continued. This time iam not giving up.I plan to join a class soon, I should be good at it by June end this year.Keep me in check.
3.I want to post weekly twice to my blog.Currently doing once a week.Starting today i plan to post twice weekly.Keep me in check.
4.My blog traffic should be a minimum of 100 hits per day by August 2009.Thats 6 months from now. I should work minimum 1 hour a day everyday exclusively to build my traffic.
5.I plan to improve my relationships by listening more and advising only on request. Check me by end August 2009.I should be writing on how happy iam with my family by end august 2009.
6.I want to get back to my job.That i should do with in the next 4 months.Thats end July 2009.[I wont b looking for a job for another 2 months as my baby is still small for day care].
7.Starting June 09,i should read 1 hour everyday to improve my technical skills for my job.
8.I love to paint.But i dont even know the basics.I need to learn painting. My plan is to learn within the June 2009.Just as swimming.
so that by end june 2009 iam up two skills i love.
Now that i have a plan and i have publicly commited, i think i'll go for it.Keep you posted on my progress.


A Better Woman said...

First of all, I wish you a belated happy birthday and hope you have more to come!

I wish you good luck on your goals. I'll drop by regularly to keep tabs on your progress.

One another note, would you like for us to exchange links? Let me know!

Jhani said...

be lated happy birthday to you.... and keep it up .. inshalla you will get all scucesss what you are planning.

♥ bAbY雯児♥ said...

I have a friend, her birthday is also April 1st..hehe...wish you happy everyday....

Beautifulnet said...

Give you a belated wish for your special day and i wish you will have so much better to get in the future.
follow what you believe in and keep the hope inside.
May you be happy and keep smilling always :)

Anonymous said...

That was very kind of u all.Thanks a lot for the wishes.