Monday, March 30, 2009

Short poems on Waiting and Thoughts

Reflection of Thoughts:
Life is nothing but what you think

you think in yellow, it never looks pink

everybody knows,but used by few

thoughts are great tools,they shape you.

life can be happy,life can be sad

all depends only on thoughts you had.

Life is nothing but what you think

keep this in mind,let it sink;

everybody knows, but used by few

years old saying, nothing new.


Someday i will win
someday i will go
someday i will do
days go by waiting so.
Everybody lives with this great hope,
someday will come?nope,nope,nope!
time goes flying silently
finally we realize terribly.
Just start doing what you plan
wait no more,think you can!
Lazy people use 'someday'
but seldom do it anyday.
Lets stop doing all the same
Lets get out of this 'waiting' game.


Me said...

Assalam-o-alaikum Sister,
Great poem,a very good lesson for people like me.You are right, time is really going silently.
I highly apperciate this poem.

Najma said...

Thanks Hanif,I write only when i really get inspired so that i can try to capture my emotions in the poem.

*KHUSHI* said...

Awesome poem Najma.... keep it up dear..