Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Create Chances, dont wait for them.

The Best men are not those who have waited for chances, but who have taken them, beseiged the chance, conquered the chance and made chance their servitor-
Dont know where i read them but they hit me straight and i wanted to share my thoughts.

God sent every human being to this world not with empty hands but very rich. Yes, he blessed his children with bountiful resource called time.And also an elusive power house called will-power. But we children deprive ourselves of all our inheritance and go about all our lives looking for some elusive chances to make the most of ourselves.
Many people in life wait for the right time to do what they want to do. Although its true that being at the right place at the right time helps one quickly attain sucess, There are many who give up their precious resource called time waiting for the right time. There are still worser specimens who do not even know what is that chance that they are waiting for- i too was one among them. People compromise with their miserable lives living through it with a distant dream that some day through someway a fairy god mother will wave her magic wand and present them with a golden chance for which they had been wasting their precious resource called time.Nay! that great day comes extremely rare.
Whatever that we want to do, whatever that we want to be can be done anytime if we use the resources that we are born with wisely- namely TIME and WILL-POWER. Time is our investment, its our basic bank account. What we trade it for is all that makes the difference.
First decide what is that u are waiting for, can u identify it in whatever forms it comes disguised in? because chances dont come straight to ur door step and dressed as u want it to be.
Thats why people are left all their lives waiting for the right chances and never getting one.
If great achievers had been waiting for the right chance, this world of ours would never had witnessed any worthwhile achievements. I say only losers wait for the chance, winners CREATE it. As they forge through the toughest terrain in fulfilling their quest for sucess they carve their own paths, create their own ways or chances to be the best they want to be. Just as a river somehow carves through mountains to achieve its destiny of reaching the ocean, the winners find their own ways. They dont wait for the iron to get hot to strike, they heat the iron first, make it hot and strike to bend it. Use ur time towards planning what u want to be, use ur will-power to stay there tight and find ways to reach ur destiny. Create ur own chances, and when u arrive finally as who u want to be the world will be left wondering how they never saw the chance that gave u that favourable break.

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