Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prescribing cartoons for adults

Will you believe me if i say cartoons helped me build self-confidence?
Sitting in front of TV with my son means watching cartoons and cartoons alone.
Here in singapore there is this channel called OKTO which my son [hardly 11 months old] is hooked on all day to. The absolutely colourful characters and catchy music attract him a lot.
Being thus hooked on to cartoons i started watching them too. Strangely enough my life was getting enriched everyday.
Most of the characters are on earth saving missions. They display courage, hope and faith as they fight the evil forces of the universe. Except for super heros most of them work as teams and there are none of the negative traits as bickering, name calling, cold war, open war, envy or jelousy that are usually associated to adults working as a team. Instead i can see they potray support and encouragement, helping eachother and fighting it together. All the more making me love these imaginary creatures.
These characters are portrayed as professional and selfless and focussed on just their mission.Even if it warrants them to tradeup their most loved possesion to attain power to keepon fighting- such is the decisiveness and confidence.Nor or they the grim faced protectors as in normal movies, they are just as happy and hearty creatures when not fighting evil. That makes their characters so lovely that they leave me with the longing that if only people can pickup these traits. How lovely will our world be if we had our protectors learn duty and courage from them. Its heartwarming that our children are watching something that helps them pick love over hatred, hope,faith,courage,confidence and friendship over all the negative traits that dominate us adults. Even though imaginary, i respect the characters for filling young minds with positive traits.

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