Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A miracle called life!

Life to me just like any average person was just another day of mundane activities, just another timetable to be fulfilled. Days passed in my life just as every other day, waking, working, eatting sleeping. So engrossed was i with my routine that it became my life, it enveloped my being and made me totally indifferent. Not that it was absolutely as gray as it seems, there were the occasional entertainment, a little reading, a little chitchat all that makes up a normal usuallife.

I went on and on with it until one day there arrived a wonderful little angel into my life.

The Angel suddenly opened my eyes to a totally different world. Showed me the wonderful world i live in and most of all cleared my thoughts to see clearly that the world is no longer gray but colourful and wonderful. Planted hope, shattered my indifference and wanted me to give life a 100 percent. I call this little angel 'Rayhaan', my wee little boy.

As i nourish and protect this fragile being, i get to learn more and more about myself. I fully understand what a miracle life is and how little we appreciate it. He showed me the path to happiness in every small thing that he plays with. He inspires me to appreciate life with all its different shades. He reminds me that i too would have brought in this happiness into my parents life just as he does to me. He reminds me that it is no easy joke giving birth and bringing up a new life. He reminds me of the innumerable sacrifices, the tiring days and sleepless nights every parent spends to bringup their off spring. Yet irrespective of all this how we as adults belittle life. How indifferent we tend to be. News of loses of innumerable lives everyday pricks me more deeply now then ever before. Being destructive is very easy, man can do that in no time. But it takes lots of effort and ofcourse the hand of the divine to bring life and to cherish it. These thoughts that never occured tobe before turned my life around. As i aspire to provide the best of everything and dream of the best possible life for my little angel, i constantly am reminded of my parents. Have i been fair to the miracle of life that they gave me? If life is as precious as it seems now to me why did i waste these many years drifting along not making anything out of it? Every human being has to answer this question- lots of effort and sacrifice has gone into ur making- have u done it fair? have u tried to be something worthwhile? Its our duty to our parents and to the divine parent who breathed life into us. We should make our life worth remembering.

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