Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why improve ourselves?

Iam reminded of the story of a wood cutter who used to cut certain amount of wood everyday.As days went on he had to work harder and harder to cut the
same amount of wood.He went on sweting it out harder and harder everyday without stopping to analyse his situation. Until finally oneday when he couldnt do
it any furthur he stopped and found that his axe had become blunt. That was why he couldnt cut as he used to initially. Its the same story with us, We keep on doing what-so-ever without checking how our skills fare. When somebody else with the updated skills comes in and
can do our jobs in a much better fashion we are at loss. Why put ourselves into such bad situations? why be our own enemy?We do not deserve it. Everyone of us is blessed with abundance of abilities why not wake them up.
If a man write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mouse-trap than his neighbor, tho' he build his house in the woods, the world will make
a beaten path to his door says Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Visualize this situation, when companies queue up with offers for you. People take pains to be ur aquitance.Everybody respects you because you are better
than many of them in doing certain things- Is it not cool! Its great! And it is 100% achievable. Just stick this dream tightly to ur heart and work to improve
yourself. We all love to have excellent circumstances, sincere friends,lots of love and respect- If its true just think when can we have such things in life?Only when we are worthy of it.Nothing comes for free in life- give n u'll receive. So if u dream all the rosy dreams then u should make urself ready to enter ur
dreamland. All u need is a little extra effort - sharpening of ur axe.
We deserve better lives, world is full of abundance then why restrict ourselves. Bigger dreams need bigger determination and noteworthy action.Lets start with an improved attitude, our capability grows with our attitude. When we can just be one of the celebrities why restrict ourselves to a mere
onlooker? Its what we decide about us that we become. Dont surrender to laziness.
People many years before us have achieved some unimaginable stuff like aeroplane, mass communication, the internet etc, Who knows we can be the
gateway to some unknown source to save the earth from say climate change or find an alternative food source eradiacting hunger forever? the possibility is
infinite. We are a very unique resource in this world, let that light within u spark to lead way to betterment of life. It is not urself u r are helping, but in the
process helping humanity- the returns- all ur happy dreams of nice circumstance, great friends,love and respect is all ours- forever!Thats why we should improve, we will be surprised to find our unlimited capacity.
Lets do it, no more worries, frustrations or stress. We deserve all the good things life has to offer.Lets make ourselves ready for it.Being average never helps- strech a little more to strike gold.

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