Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Inspiring life of Prophet Muhammed(s)

Prophet Muhammed(s) was born in 570CE in Makkah.His father died months before he was born and his mother died when he was 6years old.Raised by his
grandfather and after his death by his paternal uncle Muhammed(s) never even had any formal education. Living in makkah which was a traders hotspot at
that time Muhammed(s) grewup to be a trader. He was known as 'Al-Ameen' for his trustworthy and honest dealings. It was his character that prompted
Khadhija a rich merchant widow to propose and marry him. Thereafter for the next twelve years he lived peacefully as rich trader.Then oneday when he was
around Forty years of age he received messages from the divine to cleanse the kabah[Arab's house of worship] and the Quarish[The strong arab tribe].
Muhammed(s) started to preach and lead the people to the one true god durning a time when idolatory was at its peak. He was ridiculed and labeled a lunatic.
People threw filth on him and even tripped him. People who followed him were tortured and trade or contact with prophet and his family banned. With no
miracles in his kitty and only his words as his armour Muhammed(s) survived, infact flourished because of Muhammed(s) and his followers belief and
persistance. He patiently endured all the hardships but unwavering from his mission to restore the worship of one true god. The Arabs implied all means to
stop him, luring,threatening and banning him. Nothing can stand between him and his desire to fulfill his mission.Muhammed(s) had to flee his birth place of Mecca into the shelters of Medinah. Following which the battles of Badr, Uhud and Trench were fought where as
always the muslims were a very small group fighting against the large forces of the non-believers and everytime the muslims won because of there sheer will-
power and belief in Allah. In another ten years Muhammed(s) had succeded in his mission and in uniting the entire arab world into one great muslim nation.
Kabah was cleansed and Islam subsequently became the second largest religion of the world. There can never be a better example of belief and persistence
that captured the world then this story of the rise of Islam.

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