Monday, March 9, 2009

Dreams,My dreams

Lone is the path and long the way,
"Are you mad?" is all they say
All along i saw you close
dreams,my dreams my daily dose!
I cant quit,i cant leave,
Close to my reach do lay my dreams!
"Soon i'll achieve" i say so
dreams, my dreams,my strength to go.

Long i walk the weary path,
just with a mind of wonderful thoughts,
i do fall, i do bleed,
giving up- i never heed.
Deep in my heart i know it right
all i should is keep walking straight!
I see lakes, i see meadows,
Pleanty of trees with breezy shadows
I cant stop, I cant laze,
Nor is this time for some hazy gaze
Just keep walking, my mind screams,
Strong is the pull of my magnet dreams!
Sooner oneday i'll live them
Dreams, my dreams, here i come..


IBNE HANIF said...

I think the lesson in this poem is hope.
Am i right?

Anonymous said...

:-) well actually its persistence. Going after ur dreams irrespective of all distractions! ..ur view is also correct..its from ur prespective.Thats the beauty of poetry.Thanks Hanif.