Wednesday, March 18, 2009

10 simple steps to great speeches

Public speaking is one area where were many of us fall short. Being able to hold everybody's attention and convincing them with your views is one skill which is the greatest asset of any individual. The secret to a great speech is confidence- lots of it.
We need to prepare ourselves before hand on the center point of our speech, our emotional stance, keywords, gestures, what image we are trying to project and not the least a glass of water. Attention should also be given to your body language and attitude.These points are elaborated below as 10 steps on how to give great summarize-

1. Tell your audiences precisely what you want to say.
2. Keep your comment short around the five second mark and give them a definitive end.
3. Keep your cool. Be yourself.
4. Have a sip, while collecting your thoughts.
5. Leave a small pause before and after important phrases and sentences to let it sink into the audience minds.
6. Never duplicate. Try to be as original as possible.
7. Repeat yourself
8. Rehearse few gestures and include them at appropriate times
9. Smile at the appropriate moments.
10. Stress your message.Repeat your point a few times.

The video below show exactly how-

How To Give a Great Sound Bite @ Yahoo! Video