Monday, March 16, 2009

living abroad

Everybody says woow! you are settled abroad.
How can i explain, its real real hard!
Agreed that my life has changed,
Great is my job that keeps me engaged!
Other than that there is nothing to boost,
Everyday goes fighting loneliness ghost!

A grandmother's death
A friend's child birth
A sister's engagement
A cousin's marriage
everything is just another phonecall to me.
Years have gone but i dont know how,
Home to me is no where now.
Iam alien here, Iam alien there,
Do i belong? I dont know where!

Life to me is food without salt,
sometimes i cry as emotions cant halt!
Great are the comforts, everything here
but how i wish my people near!
Life is strange, for something's sake
giveup something,Its give and take!

Thinking of it my heart does soar,
oh my motherland, i miss it more!
Keeping my head cool is really hard
when everybody says Woow,u are settled abroad!

1 comment:

Najma said...

Many may think why a negative emotional poem on a site dedicated to positive thoughts- Life has pains too just that instead of sitting and fretting about it, i turned that into a beautiful poem. Its again an example of staying positive.Thks,Najma