Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tips for great sleep

Sleep time is when our body regains its balance. When we are sleep deprived our appetite,our emotional balance etc fall apart as the hormones that regulate our blood sugar and appetite get out of control.
Getting a better night's sleep will help you lose or maintain your weight more effectively. You'll also feel more even-keeled emotionally and better able to handle the challenges of the day. Your cognitive performance will improve, including memory and creative problem-solving. Getting a good night's sleep is like sharpening your skills to meet the coming day on better grounds. Sometimes this wonderful gift from god eludes us- here are few tips to a great restful night and a double productive day.
Regularize sleeping time- Human mind loves routines, it easily puts routines to autopilot[habits]. So we need to set a time to hit the bed and stick to it everyday.Slowly our body will do it regularly and automatically. Important thing is stick to the schedule. If you dont get sleep read or listen to some slow music laying the bed.Over time it works like magic.
Also dont sleep during day time. Too much of rest is evil for both our body and soul.
Keep the day active- There has to be enough physical activity for our body for a smooth sail. Atleast some form of walking, excercising,playing. We are built for it but our sedentary lifestyles deprive us of all that.We need to run low on gas to refuel sameway we need to run down on energy to replenish by sleeping.
Eat less and two hours before sleeping time. Dont let digestion disturb falling asleep.

Slow down towards the end- Just as we need to be alert and running during the day we need to slow down towards evening. Our Body cannot abruptly move from one state to another without feeling high and dry. If you ask me,starting and ending the day should be done gradually as a ritual to appreciate life. Relax, take in the stary sky and cool breeze. No more hectic activity after 8 pm.
Stop any form of excersise two hours before the sleeping schedule. No emails, and no more TV one hour before the sleeping schedule.
Stop thinking- thoughts as powerful they are have absolute control over the body. Planning, worrying, anticipating everything usually happens as we start staring at the ceiling in the bed. This reduces falling asleep in high probability. Just before going to bed write down whatever u planned for the nextday or things that worry you or your excitement about a date during the week. Once written down delete them temprorily from memory. We can. Just stop thinking. I cant explain how, but believe me its a one step process.Just switch off ur mind.Just do it. Just stick a picture of u sleeping peacefully in ur mind. Dont let any other thoughts disturb you.
Turn down the lights- Light can suppress the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep. so keep the lights low as sleep time approaches.
Create the mood- Any job can be done much better in a congenial environment. Sleeping too is the same. Keeping the bedroom clean and comfy, Having calm soothing pictures stuck around, keeping lights down and playing a slow calm music- woow, nothing more. Goodbye insomnia!


Khoo Chin Wai said...

Nice article^^

Najma said...

Thanks Khoo, if it is of any help!