Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winning over tragedies

Life is no bed of roses, The long haul called life goes through bright sunny days and dark stromy nightseverybody has to go through it like it or not. Loss of loved ones,property,organs or limbs as in accident,public embarrassment,failure in love,business etc have the ability to pull us down and leave us
emotionally and mentally weak. Sometimes they rob us of all dreams and hopes which are the basic building blocks of life.Once robbed of our basic abilities it takes years even lifetime to reach where we left- The mental damage is far worse than any physical damage.As with any life circumstances,being prepared to cope with big tragedies in life goes a long way in leading a balanced, peaceful life.
here are some means of help-
1.Cry out your heart: Give vent to your feelings. Pain is as needed to our soul as happiness.Going through the pain strengthens our mental fort.Once the feelings flow out of us, we slowly can see what we can salvage.
2.Get out of the environment- Seeing the scene day-by-day tend to overwhelm us with sad thoughts. We need to get away from the environment as quickly
as possible.Either travel somewhere to calmer space,shift place or re-arrange stuff in a totally different way so that the scene of pain disappears from our
3.Get into some intense activity- start playing sports with lots of physical activity even sex helps.An idle mind is the devil's workshop.Worst way is to pileup
loads of work and give no time to the painful memories.In a way it works well.
4.Start some exciting activity- Did u wanted to join a dance class? a sports club? a dating forum? a swimming contest? go bunge jumping? everybody have
their own list which we never had time to do. Doing it now helps. Key is the excitement will wipe clean if not completely the scars of the pain.
5.Satisfy all your small desires- indulge- Small sparks of happiness can easily trigger a happy attitude sonner or later. So eat that ice-cream or chocolate,
listen to those melodious songs, sleep a bit more,laze around the TV.Eat to your heart's content.Light all those candles and have long warm baths. All stuff
that you otherwise control urself from- do it all.See these small drops fill ur cup of joy slowly.
6.Believe everything in life happens for a purpose: We need to analyse why this happened. What is the lesson that god is trying to teach us through this pain. Then raise in strength with the lesson learnt.
7.Re-direct pain into a painting,poem or a book- Its a great way.Like any emotion pain is great too and powerful.We will be amazed by how much it can do.Turn something you dont like into stuff you love.Only we humans have this great blessing. Iam a big follower of this principle.
8.Stop thinking about it- repetedly remembered stuff remain in memory always,so replace those tragic thoughts with something happy times of the past or future.

Easier said than done, It needs lots of self-control to put these thoughts to work nevertheless the change they provide gives us a new lease of life.because as long as we breathe we have the duty to live, and as long as we live why not make our lifes worthwhile?


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