Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy people,stress free life

Ever imagined how life could be if there is no fear of "what they will think?".
This very phrase has killed ambitions,crushed many dreams of millions and millions of people.And so it will continue in our future generations.
There are very few people who had challenged this and proved their might- thats a seperate topic,
But then, did we ever do this to anybody? have we broken somebody's confidence?

If we are guilty of it, Then we are guilty of the crime of the worst kind.
Killing somebody's dreams is worse then murder deserving punishment of high order.This, we do unknowingly and that too sometimes to people we love the most.If we can keep our relationships simple and clear with people we reduce half of the world's worry.
Dont Judge people:
Many times we see people with a prejudiced opinion.Even before they say or do anything we know what counter action ours will be.We seldom give them a chance.This always increases the tension between people. Many persons who are very comfortable and perform well with others may start making mistakes in our presence-example- critising boss and employee, daughter-in-law and mom-in-law,nagging spouse etc.Its bad for both the persons involved.Nobody gains anything here and productivity and happiness is lost.
Give constructive critism:
Its not that we should leave people to get off with whatever they do so that we are helping to boost their confidence-Cant tell a sis that she is singing beautifully when all she can is shout when she plans to sing on stage.Just that we change the way we correct somebody. Tell them frankly as how to improve rather than pointing their mistakes.Give them credit when they do it as expected.I had tested this many a times successfully,latest being my babysitter.People shine in a constructive environment.They love to show you their accomplishments if you give them a nice space to grow.Try telling your wife you loved that pudding at dinner- she will love cooking for you. A everyday truth.
Keep relationships simple:
Many a times people worry about things that others may think about and try to avoid,try to out do etc.Making it totally a mess.We cannot say we understand a person unless we understand them from their perspective.That is very complex.So why not stop doing all the understanding,mis-understanding etc.. and keep it simple.Just keep it simple- Ask straight,answer straight and do what is to be done harmoniously.
Work for the given situation:
Deal with people for the moment, at any given situation.Dont connect past or future,history or philosophy to it.
Mind ur words:
Never say "you are always like that","you are such a loser" etc.Thats like poisoning them.We do it without our knowledge- mainly to our siblings,spouses and children.Be careful there.

For me,i love people,I try best never to wound anybody's confidence, never to laugh at anybody's dream.If asked i try to give constructive critism.Not that i go about praising everybody- I just try to find whats good in any given situationand if i critise i put a positive tone to it.Flip side of it people get too comfortable with u and take u for granted- it can be handled gracefully and corrected.But up side, we will have very loyal friends,devoted collegues and a very happy family.Sum it- thats paradise!
Its my opinion.My way of doing something good to the people i love.If you have another way of achieving the same,give me a shout.I would love to learn and its very important skill for a happy, stress-free life.


Anonymous said...

What a heartfelt article. I believe that all of us have been guilty at one time or another of stepping on someone elses dream, even if it was unintentional.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Malone,thats what inspired me in writting this article.